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Simple Disc Golf Etiquette For Beginners

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Disc Golf Etiquette, If you follow the list below you’ll have no problem fitting right in, now is a great time to be getting into disc golf! Let’s begin.

What Is Disc Golf Etiquette? Simply put, etiquette refers to the rules and behaviors of disc golfers. Disc golf etiquette includes ideas on how to behave on the course, how to treat other disc golfers, and how to have an enjoyable time playing.

  • Limit Groups To Five Players or less. This will keep the pace of play fast and enjoyable for all

  • Allow Faster Groups To Play Through. This will keep the pace of play fast and enjoyable for all

  • Avoid Talking During A Player’s Throw. We all want to talk and enjoy each others company but keep the talking for when no one is throwing/putting.

  • Stand Behind The Player Throwing. No one wants to hit you so stay back.

  • Keep Music To A Reasonable Volume. We want to be able to hear ourselves think and be able to focus on our shot.

  • Don’t Throw Multiple Discs With A Group Waiting. Save the fieldwork for the fields. if you are playing around with a group of friends please limit your extra throws.


  • Watch For Inaccurate Throws. You never know when someone will "Richard" a shot so keep an eye out for you and your friends

  • Yell Clear On Blind Holes. We want to keep the place of play moving so let the card behind you know when you have completed the hole. This will speed up the pace of play as well.

  • Wait Until The Player’s Ahead Of You Clear The Hole. Safety is always first, you just never know when you might have the longest throw of your DG career. Do not throw until the hole is clear.

  • Follow The Order Of Play. The furthest from the basket always throws first. This will keep people from being in front of you when you are throwing.

  • Attempt To Return Lost Discs. Look on the back of the disc for a contact or look around the course for a lost and found. Karma and disc golf are good friends.

  • Do Not Damage Course. If a branch or tree is in your way you made a bad shot do not break it. Respect the course. No graffiti, breaking signs, etc...

Disc Golf Etiquette is simple and makes playing more enjoyable for all. If you have any other tips on etiquette please leave a comment below.

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