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The 2024 Team Towels


By purchasing these towels, you are supporting Thomas Gilbert, Colten Montgomery,  and Chantel Budinsky on tour! Get yours today and hit the course in style


The team towel includes

1 Original G.O.A.T (15X23'') and a carabiner.


Our towels are soft and super absorbent, making them perfect for keeping your discs dry and clean during your rounds. With the G.O.A.T, you can keep your discs in top condition and play your best game.


The G.O.A.T. is the perfect addition to any disc golfer's arsenal. This versatile and durable towel is made with two premium materials for maximum performance.The waffle side is designed for heavy debris and larger clean-ups, while the microfiber suede side is perfect for small debris and fine polishing. The combination of the two materials will allow you to keep dirt, mud, and water in check all day long.


The team towel is the perfect companion for any disc golf or golf outing


Size: 15X23'' 

Includes: Carabiner

The Team Towel Designs

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