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The G.O.A.T Disc Golf Towels for Trees are more than just your average towels. Crafted with precision and purpose, these dual-material towels are designed to elevate your game while contributing to a greener planet. 


Here’s why they’re a must-have for every disc golfer:


  • Dual-Sided Design:

    • The waffle microfiber side tackles heavy debris, mud, and dirt with ease.
    • The suede microfiber side is perfect for wiping away water, oils, and restoring grip.
    • Whether you’re cleaning your discs or drying your hands, these towels have you covered.


  • Maximum Performance:

    • The G.O.A.T towels are the ultimate accessory for disc golfers. Their superior absorbency and durability ensure they stand up to the toughest challenges on the course.
    • Say goodbye to wet hands and slippery discs – these towels keep you prepared for every throw.
    • Size: 13X18''


  • Environmental Impact:

    • With every purchase of The G.O.A.T Disc Golf Towels for Trees, a percentage of the proceeds goes directly toward planting trees for disc golf courses.
    • Each year, we will carefully select a course to receive these newly planted trees, enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape and benefiting the local disc golf community.


Join the Movement:

Help us make a difference one towel at a time! When you choose The G.O.A.T Disc Golf Towels for Trees, you’re not only improving your game but also contributing to a sustainable future for disc golf courses in North America. 


 Fill out the form below if you’d like your course to be considered for our tree-planting initiative.


Let’s grow together!


Size: 13X18''

Fundraiser: Towels for Trees Designs

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