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Disc Golf Tips For Rainy Days.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

We have put together a list of items and things to do when you are playing in the rain.

  • Your footwear, this may be the most important part of your wardrobe if you’re playing out in wet or rainy conditions. Your choice of footwear is critical to disc golf anyways, but if it’s wet and slippery outside, you need shoes that will able to stand up to the weather. A slip-resistant, all-weather shoes are what you need.

  • An umbrella this is pretty obvious. If it’s raining, an umbrella can help to keep you fairly dry. It’s your choice, though, whether you want to take a large umbrella to cover everything or a small umbrella just to keep the rain off your face. The large umbrella will be clunky and may slow you down but it can keep everything dry. The small umbrella will be lighter and quicker to maneuver during your round, but may not help keep everything you’re carrying very dry.

  • Towel(s) Yes, you will need multiple towels. I recommend taking at least two with you and having more on hand in your car or at home for cleaning your discs/future rounds in the rain. You can always go the route of buying a towel specifically for disc golf like First off,remember towels are the basic option to help you clean off your discs and keep them dry.

  • Birdie bag a really great disc golf accessory to own. A birdie bag consists of sawdust or dried wood powder that helps absorbs moisture. These small bags are cheap and can be kept in a pocket or zip-lock bag for easy access. Definitely a go-to product in the rain

  • Rainfly get a rainfly most bags either come with or have an option to buy a rainfly we strongly recommend getting one to fit your bag.

  • Take it a little slower be careful with everything you do. Trying to speed through a wet round could cause you to get hurt. Grass, dirt, and teepads are normally always slippery during rain or after. So take each throw more slowly to avoid that. A simple approach to each shot will see you do better in the rain.

  • Grab some baseline plastic that is grippy and soft. A baseline disc will give you a better grip in wet and cold weather conditions.

  • Discing down is another fantastic way to help yourself do better in the rain. While it’s wet, avoid using drivers in your game. Instead, stick with mid-range discs or try using a putter for your round. Discing down allows you to have a little bit more control of your discs, as slower discs are generally easier to throw more accurately. You won’t get as much distance but that’s okay.

  • Play for Par you should do this all the time, but it’s even better advice in the rain. Your throws will be tougher and your approaches will be even harder. Take the easy shots and don’t try risky long putts.

  • Practice in the rain yes this is a must. You do not want to be playing a tournament and it starts to rain and oh you have no experience playing in the rain. So get out and play some practice rounds in the rain.

  • After your round make sure your discs and bag are dry as possible before putting it away. if your bag is wet maybe even empty your bag to allow air to circulate and dry your bag. Put your bag by a heater or fan to help the drying process.

Rainy rounds can be fun and challenging if you are properly prepared and ready for it. We hope this list helps you in your future rainy rounds. Remember keep throwing and have fun!!!

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